New app has been submitted to the Marketplace. Guess its purpose from its splash screen!

I sent my new WP7 app to the Marketplace today. This is its splash screen. Can you guess the purpose of the app from it? (Of course you can! :-))

WP7 app Splash Screen

New WP7 app Splash Screen

For comparison, this is the splash screen of my previous app – Agile Metronome:

Agile Metronome Splash Screen

Agile Metronome Splash Screen

Agile Metronome is still in a beta stage and during its six weeks in the Marketplace it received 35 reviews with average rating of 4.29. Thanks to all who rated it!

But I feel that my new app won’t be so appraised, because this kind of apps traditionally receives quite low average ratings. It has its reasons – these apps are usually hard to develop and hard to use. I know all the reasons, but it does not mean I know the remedies. I am trying to change the trend and make this app really usable. This new beta is not exactly there yet, but I hope it’s the step in the right direction.

It is going to be available in several days for your kind testing!


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