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Sony Vaio BIOS update killed the battery

I’ve just updated the BIOS on my Sony Vaio VPCSB 1 V9E to version R2081H4 using the standard Vaio update tool.

The new BIOS killed the battery. 😦



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TabCo is fusion Garage Grid 10 tablet and Grid 4 phone with GridOS

Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, CEO of fusion Garage, presented their new mobile operating system GridOS, used by both Grid 10 tablet and Grid 4 phone, today. GridOS is based on the Android kernel, but it’s not Android. The user interface is… different.

There should be some pictures and an ordering form on their website, but I wasn’t able to find it yet. There were no mentions of a promised SDK and very little about native 3rd party software. They will open Grid Shop – their own app marketplace – soon, and Grid OS is able to run side-loaded Android software.

Grid 10 Tablet

Tegra 2 dual-core, 10″ LCD, 1366 x 768 pixels, 1,3 Mpx front facing camera, 16 GB, microSD slot, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G optional

  • without 3G: 499 USD
  • with 3G: 599 USD

Grid 4 Phone

Qualcomm dual-core, LCD 800 x 480, rear-facing  camera 5 Mpx with autofocus, front-facing camera 0,3 MPx, 16 GB

  • unlocked: 399 USD

So I was right it is not Nokia and/or Microsoft. 😉

(Just kidding.)

Green Day, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams:

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Sony Vaio S (with Sandy Bridge) stress test – Part 1: Yes or No?

Wow! A new laptop has arrived.


Should I conduct the test and thorough review of this notebook? Help me decide!


(No, I don’t promise to blindly respect the outcome of this poll. 🙂 )


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