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How to convert Degrees to Radians and Back in C#

This is quite simple, but may be useful for somebody…

 public double DegToRad(double angle)
     return angle * (Math.PI / 180);

 public double RadToDeg(double angle)
     return angle / (Math.PI / 180);

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New SkyDrive: Don’t lose your 25 GB, act now!

A few minutes ago, a new SkyDrive has gone live!

If you are a current SkyDrive customer, all you need to know is in this picture. To see this offer, you have to log in twice!

SkyDrive 7 GB to 25 GB upgrade fr current customers - act now!

SkyDrive 7 GB to 25 GB upgrade fr current customers - act now!

But: It seems to work only for accounts where at least one file was uploaded before the change. 😦

You can also download a new SkyDrive application for Windows here.


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First Nokia 800 teaser is on air!

Nokia has already started to tease its first Windows Phone device – Nokia 800 – in the UK. The ads are very short clips, just about one second long, flashing between other TV adverts on several channels.

MyNokiaBlog was able to join these micro-spots into one, cca 10 second long video, without sound:

The official launch of Nokia 800 and at least one more Window Phone is expected this Wednesday at Nokia World in London.

The countdown has begun!

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NoDo update is available – so let’s wait for a while

My Zune welcomed me by this wonderful screen today:

Zune: NoDo Available

Yes, this is the famous NoDo update! In fact, it’s available for all unbranded phones since yesterday. But I’m going to wait for a while – for two reasons:

  1. My unpleasant experience with the Pre-NoDo update. I guess it would be better not to hurry up and let others to be early adopters.
  2. NoDo blocks ChevronWP7 phone unlocker, which I use for my spare time development, as I live outside of the official developer countries walled garden. After NoDo, I will go to Yalla Apps as they are able to officially unlock phones in the outside world. It will cost something (no problem) and probably take a while (which is a small problem).

You can read interesting Rafael Rivera’s notes about the update proces.

George Harrison: Got my mind set on you:

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