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Will Mango support 16:9 screen for video playback? (update: Nope)

How many steps it takes to create a nice speculation? Three are more than enough! 🙂

1. Nokia N9’s 854 x 480 screen

Less than a week ago (really?) Nokia announced its beautiful N9 MeeGo prototype. N9 has 16:9 ratio 854 x 480 pixels AMOLED screen.

Nokia N9

Nokia N9

2. Nokia Sea Ray with no hardware buttons

Just a few days later Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop demonstrated in some internal company meeting their first Windows Phone device, codenamed Sea Ray. The video and photos have leaked to the web (almost surely intentionally). No leaked photo showed the lower part of the phone…

Nokia Sea Ray - photo from the Elop's presentation

Nokia Sea Ray - photo from the Elop's presentation

…but it was clear from the video that there are no hardware buttons and that the device has the same display and screen ratio as N9, and even the same bottom-right front-facing camera.

Nokia Sea Ray front-facing camera (image wmpoweruser.com)

Nokia Sea Ray front-facing camera (image wmpoweruser.com)

So you need virtual buttons, which is no problem. These are quite ugly and hopefully fake, but you get the idea – just make their background black and they won’t differ too much from the capacitive buttons on the current HTC devices.

Nokia Sea Ray possible virtual buttons

Nokia Sea Ray possible virtual buttons

3. High time for some revealing tweet

I personaly don’t value Eldar Murtazin too high as a source, but sometimes he just has the point. And the right timing.

Eldar Murtazin:

WP7 Mango Update – according to design guideline there no need to put hardware buttons on front. Samsung, Lg, HTC will have such phones


Mango hardware specification optionally allows 854 x 480 pixels screen, operating in two modes:

  1. Standard 800 x 480 Windows Phone 7 screen with three buttons occupying the remaining 54 vertical pixels.
  2. 854 x 480 16:9 fullscreen for video playback and hopefully for games and other apps too.
That’s it. No guarantees. 🙂
And one more thing… Will these new button-less 16:9 devices be upgradeable to Windows 8 when it’s ready?

Update: Nope

This leaked video seems to confirm Sea Ray has hardware capacitive buttons.

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