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First Nokia 800 teaser is on air!

Nokia has already started to tease its first Windows Phone device – Nokia 800 – in the UK. The ads are very short clips, just about one second long, flashing between other TV adverts on several channels.

MyNokiaBlog was able to join these micro-spots into one, cca 10 second long video, without sound:

The official launch of Nokia 800 and at least one more Window Phone is expected this Wednesday at Nokia World in London.

The countdown has begun!


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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango coming in August?

Japan server Nanapho.jp brought the news that the first Mango handset should be Fujitsu IS12T and that it’s coming in… August this year!

WMPU reports:

Tezawaly from Nanapho.jp has come across and article in Nikkei reporting on Fujitsu Toshiba’s first Windows Phone 7 handset, the Fujitsu IS12T. The handset has already passed through the FCC and Bluetooth Certification and will be launching on the Japanese carrier KDDI.

…Even more unexpected however is that Nikkei says the handset will be launched in August, and will be the first Mango handset launch worldwide.

Fujitsu Windows Phone with Mango presented at WPC 2011 (picture: wp7connect.com)

Fujitsu Windows Phone with Mango presented at WPC 2011 (picture: wp7connect.com)

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this phone is that it is water resistant.

To be honest, I have always felt that Microsoft targets rather Back to School than Christmas season with Mango. It just makes sense.

This is the real Windows Phone launch, dear fellow Windows Phone owners = betatesters! 🙂

But, of course, I am perhaps too optimistic.

Mango wants you to love it, dear customer! Fingers crossed.

The Corrs, What Can I Do:

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Sony Tablets: First Video Teaser


Source: Engadget

Two Sony Honeycomb tablets are expected in the coming months.

Sony Tablet S1

Sony Tablet S1

Sony Tablet S2

Sony Tablet S2

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