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VIDEO: Accurate Tuner Pro Demo

Accurate Tuner Pro with Guitar:


Free DownloadInstall Accurate Tuner Pro from the Windows Phone Marketplace



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Accurate Tuner Pro Overview

Accurate Tuner Logo

Accurate Tuner Pro is a chromatic instrument tuner, which combines two classical pitch tuning methods: Needle and stroboscope.

The needle enables fast and comfortable rough tuning, while two optional stroboscopic animations facilitate fine tuning. Both methods are used at the same time, so it’s not necessary to choose one of them. Detected notes are shown on a musical staff. Adjustable sensitivity will help in not so quiet environments.

Accurate Tuner Pro Screenshot

Free Trial Version

  • Fully working needle and strobe tuner with no time limit, supported by ads
  • Strobe accuracy: +/- 0.5 cent
  • Needle accuracy: 5th octave: +/- 0.2 cent, 6th octave: +/- 1 cent, 0th octave: +/- 6 cents
  • Range: A0 – B6
    The tuner is able to measure tones in the 0th and 1st octaves for some harmonically very rich instruments only, as common phone microphones are not able to detect these low frequencies. Still the tuner tries to compute these tones from higher harmonics, sometimes successfully. Even a human ear works this way.
  • 126 instruments + “Any instrument” mode
  • Transposition: +/- 4 octaves, two transposition modes
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • US (CDEFGAB), German (CDEFGAH), scientific (C2, C3, C4) and Helmholtz (C, c, c’) notations
Accurate Tuner Pro supports 126 instruments

126 instruments

Full Version

  • Tone Generator able to play notes from A0 to C8 (88-key piano range) or any frequency from 27.5 Hz to 4186.01 Hz. You need solid external speakers or headphones for the two lowest octaves.
Accurate Tuner Pro - Tone Generator

Tone Generator

You can set the frequency directly and also set the levels of harmonics and form the wave shape this way (not the wave envelope).

  • Screen Lock Blocking
Accurate Tuner Pro - settings

Small part of settings

  • Adjustable base frequency (note A4) in the range of 300 – 500 Hz
  • 32 temperaments
Accurate Tuner Pro - temperaments

Accurate Tuner Pro supports 32 temperaments.

  • Many alternate instrument tunings, including 70 guitar, 25 banjo and 19 mandolin tunings
Accurate Tuner Pro - alternate instrument tunings

Accurate Tuner Pro supports many alternate instrument tunings, including 70 guitar tunings.

  • Unlimited number of custom instruments and tunings
  • No ads (on rare occasions it may recommend another app in a non-intrusive way)
  • Bigger stroboscopic part

Future Plans

  • Metro design

Marketplace on the Web

Tamara Volskaia domra, Iskrina Matveeva piano: Tchaikovsky Danse russe:

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Accurate Tuner Pro Sneak Peek

Accurate Tuner Pro has been finally submitted to the Marketplace certification process! It should be available for download in a few days.

Can you tell 10 differences? 😉

Accurate Tuner Beta vs. Accurate Tuner Pro

As you can see, on the surface almost nothing has changed. So sorry folks, still no Metro design. (But don’t worry too much as I plan a major design overhaul for the next major update.) This update was about improving the internals. And they have been much improved!

Another source for concern may be the apparently missing ad banner. Is the Pro version paid? Yes, it is. But don’t panic, there is a free ad-supported trial with no time limit.

Free trial version has all the features of the Beta with just one exception – it doesn’t support adjustable base frequency and has A4 fixed at 440 Hz. On the other hand, it has some additional features and even this free trial benefits from the improved algorithm with better accuracy, stability of results, sensitivity and range! The paid version has many new features.

Robert de Visée: Suite en la mineur, Prélude et Allemande, Jonas Nordberg, theorbo:

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